Edmonton-Centre Newsletter Winter 2017

I am delighted to share with you the details of the recent work I've been doing in Edmonton-Centre over the past six months since my last newsletter.

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Posted on Dec 9, 2016

Make Something Edmonton

L to R: Carmen Douville, Todd Babiak, Shayne Woodsmith, MLA David Shepherd, Chris Gusen, Joseph Pedrola, Cheryll Watson

Yesterday it was my pleasure to rise and introduce to all members of the Assembly, five individuals dedicated to building Edmonton’s brand by telling our authentic story.

Click here to watch video of my Member's Statement on Make Something Edmonton


Thank you Mr. Speaker.

It’s my pleasure to rise and introduce to you and through you to all members of the Assembly, five individuals dedicated to building Edmonton’s brand by telling our authentic story.

  • Todd Babiak, Director of Story Engine and one of the earliest supporters of Make Something Edmonton
  • Carmen Douville, Program & Community Manager, and Shayne Woodsmith, Digital Storyteller, with Make Something Edmonton
  • Cheryll Watson, VP, and Joseph Pedrola, Activation Manager, with the Urban Economy team at the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

I thank all of my guests for their work for our city and I’d ask that we provide them with the warm welcome of the Assembly.


Member's Statement

Thank you.

Mr. Speaker, I’m proud of my city.

Edmonton is a city of innovators.

Edmontonians created Canada’s first Mosque, opened the first food bank and started the North American Fringe theatre movement.

They’ve founded successful national & international companies and gained international recognition for their art, music, literature and film.

And like the First Nations who once met here on the Rossdale flats, they are open, welcoming and collaborative. (:29)

That’s the story Make Something Edmonton has been dedicated to telling since 2013.

And that’s the story that propelled them to win the City Nation Place Award for Best Expression of Place Brand Identity in London last month beating out campaigns from Sweden, Costa Rica and Russia(:45)

Make Something Edmonton is an initiative supported by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation – an agency tasked with cultivating the energy, innovation and investment needed to build a prosperous and resilient Edmonton economy.

Together with a number of community stakeholders, they developed a unique idea to tell our story in an authentic way – not with logos and slogans, but by inspiring Edmontonians to pursue their passions and ideas to make their city even better. (1:10)

Edmontonians responded, launching 1500 individual community-driven projects & making Make Something Edmonton the platform of choice for city builders and city shapers. (1:21)

EEDC continues to build on this success, leveraging our identity and branding to lay a solid foundation to market and promote investment & trade and attract new tourism, conferences, conventions and major events. (1:30)

I have a page on Make Something Edmonton, and have had the privilege of seeing many of its projects come to life.

I’m a firm believer in the power of citizens collaborating and contributing to build a better city.

And I encourage everyone in the Edmonton-region to explore Make Something Edmonton’s site and take part, as a city builder or as a supporter, in making a new idea real – in making something Edmonton and our city a better place. (1:50)