Edmonton-Centre Newsletter Winter 2017

I am delighted to share with you the details of the recent work I've been doing in Edmonton-Centre over the past six months since my last newsletter.

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Posted on Jun 2, 2017

Community Justice Awards

Congratulations, Dr. Andre Grace for the recognition of your work with queer youth in need at the Community Justice Awards

Today I was honoured to attend ceremonies for the Community Justice Awards and present awards to a resident of and organisation from Edmonton-Centre.

Dr. Andre Grace runs the CHEW Project which provides education on and supports in physical, mental, emotional and sexual health for queer youth in need.

REACH Edmonton runs the 24/7 Crisis Diversion Team through the 211 service and the WrapED Youth Mentorship Program. They're key partners in keeping all the residents of our downtown safe!

Congratulations to Dr. Grace, REACH Edmonton and all the other award recipients, and thanks for your work in our communities!